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A Display That Supports “No Plastic Bag Weekend” Campaign in Brunei

By on March 22, 2011 — Updated on September 7, 2013

The Ministry of Development through the Department of Environment, Parks and recreation and Hua Ho Department Store of Negara Brunei Darussalam pledge to collaborate in the implementation of the “No Plastic Bag Weekend (every Saturday and Sunday)” starting on Saturday 26 March, 2011, the same day the Earth Hour global movement will be observed.

In conjunction with this joint campaign, an indoor display at Hua Ho Department Store branch of Yayasan was created. The display aims to inform the shoppers about the project through animated display to avoid problems and complaints that may arise during the days of implementation of the campaign because it could be noted that during the “No Plastic Day” Last May 2010, some commotions happened when the cashiers of the store didn’t give plastic bags to the shoppers.

The display is captioned, “The true color of our environment lies on you. Let us support the NO PLASTIC WEEKEND project starting on March 26, 2011.” On the topmost of the display is the logo of the campaign, and the display is mostly composed of repainted and reused materials to give emphasis on the essence of the drive. The idea of focusing on the true color of the environment is to make an outcome-oriented theme that is also related to the coming summer in Brunei. This theme is also anchored on main idea of not using plastic bag to save the beauty and healthiness of our environment.

The plan to have no plastics every Saturday and Sunday in Brunei Darussalam was already reported as early as November 2010 but there are still many people in Brunei who do not know about it and this situation was even expected as reported. Here is a part of the report of The Brunei Times dated November 1, 2010:

The Director of Jastre, Hj Md Zakaria Hj Sarudin, told The Brunei Times that the initiative should be carried out in the first quarter of 2011.

A series of surveys will be carried out before and after the initiate to determine the amount of plastic use reduction, he said.

“Now plastic makes up about 20 per cent of the country’s total waste composition, (but) the concern is not so much for the figure but the fact that there is too much of plastic being used,” said the director.

The director explained that characteristics of plastic bags for instance, could prove detrimental to the environment. “Plastic is non bio-degradable. Once you dispose them, it’s going to be there for quite some time. It takes years and years to degrade.” Hj Md Zakaria also hoped that the future initiative be expected by the public.e

“We must give ample time for the promotion of the initiative. We do not want the public to go to a superstore only to realize that there are no plastic bags during the weekends,” he said. According to a previous report, the Sultanate’s first “No Plastic Day” went by unnoticed that many shoppers, although lauding the drive, were surprised and frustrated at being caught unawares.

So we hope that the shoppers won’t forget to bring their respective shopping bags every Saturday and Sunday starting this week. Please share this article to your friends who are in Brunei Darussalam right now.

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  1. RonLeyba

    June 26, 2012 at 3:14 am

    No to plastic bags! Great cause! Great way to inform the shoppers. very artistic!
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