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List of Visual Merchandising / Window Display Tools and Materials

By on September 2, 2012 — Updated on January 6, 2013

Try to imagine that you are brushing your teeth without toothpaste or you are washing your clothes without detergent. Would you be able to do these routines with ease and satisfaction? Surely not. The is same is true with visual merchandising, you need the right visual merchandising or window display tools and materials to accomplish you tasks properly.

Visual Merchandising / Window Display Tools and Materials

This list of visual merchandising and window display tools and materials is in alphabetical order and some are listed as a set according to purpose.

  1. Cloth and Artificial Flowers – you can use the cloth to cover you display table, use as backdrop or use to fill empty spaces on you display; flowers use to add attraction. It cannot be argued that flowers have significant in any corporate events as well as in visual merchandising activities.
  2. Digital Camera — this is your partner in documenting your projects for future references and evaluation.
  3. Display tables, boxes and forms – these are where your products are to be displayed on. Boxes and forms are also used as support of other props on the display.
  4. Double sided tapeScotch Tape, Packing Tape and Tape Dispenser – the quickest  way to fasten your props with ease is to use these materials.
  5. Dress Makers’ Pins, Push Pins and Paper Clips – for your table skirting activities or on something that is needed to be pinned or clipped.
  6. Electric Styrofoam Cutter – one of the visual merchandising and window display tools that is obviously used to cut Styrofoam or closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam.
  7. Fishing line, Cable-tie and Velcro Strips – consider these items when you need to tie or bond something.
  8. Glass Cleaner and Mop – the glass of your display window must be cleaned after setting your window display to avoid visual distractions.
  9. Glitters – use this to make your display twinkle.
  10. Hammer, screwdrivers and pliers – these VM and window display tools are the partners of the items in number 17; pliers are also used to cut wires.
  11. Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks – use to fasten most types of objects like metal, wood, plastic and paper.
  12. Iron with board or steamer – garments need to be pressed before they are display, so make sure that you iron with board or steamer in your store for this purpose.
  13. Ladder, Safety Harness and Fall Protection – ladder to reach higher areas in the store and safety harness for higher areas which you need to climb.
  14. Laminating Plastics – the major reason of having this is to protect your price tags that are intended to be place in the often wet areas.
  15. Lights (Bulbs, Fluorescent Lamps, LED Strip Lights, etc.) – visual merchandising would not be complete without it.
  16. List of all public holidays and special events – you need this to track your next theme. Don’t forget to include the dates of the holidays and special events in you list.
  17. Mannequins, busts and dummies – these are important especially when you display apparel and accessories.
  18. Nails and screws and barbecue sticks – nails and screw foe woods and barbecue sticks for Styrofoam.
  19. Notepad, Pens, Markers – the pen is mightier than the brain and it work better with notepad. ^_^
  20. Paint and Paint Brushes – colors draw eyes to your display, this is why we this materials.
  21. Personal Computer and Printer and Papers – this is where you do your layout and designs. Computer is an essential part of professional life; computer and printer are important VM and window display tools for visual merchandisers.
  22. Ribbons, Laces and Tulle – these work best with cloth and flowers, our items on number one.
  23. Rubber bands – use this hold multiple of your material together.
  24. Scissors & Utility Knife and Cutting Mat – there are times when scissors work butte than knife and vice versa, so you must have both of VM and window display tools.
  25. Sign and Tabletop Poster Holders – these are transparent acrylic material which are use to hold thin sheet of posters and signage.
  26. Staple Gun Tacker, Stapler and Staples – this are the VM and window display tools that are used to fasten posters on a wooden wall or hang them on the ceiling with fishing line.
  27. Styrofoam and Sponge – best materials for making sculptures and other props that are light and easy to transport.
  28. Tape measure (Steel Tape) – I rather recommend the use of tape measure or steel tape measure than you use a ‘measuring application’ in your mobile phone; you  will be in trouble about the accuracy of the measurements if you measuring apps on mobile phone.
  29. White Glue, Spray Adhesive and Adhesive Remover –I prefer to use adhesive spray than white glue because it won’t deform a sheet of paper.
  30. Wires – may refer to electrical wire, floral wire and the likes.

What  visual merchandising and window display tools and materials else did I forget?

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