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Get Cash for Your Old Mobile Phone? How Refreshing!

By on October 20, 2012 – Updated on September 8, 2013

Guest Article by Graham Green

I’ll bet you have several old mobile phones and other redundant electronic equipment stashed in your home or office, but why are we a nation of hoarders? You’ll never use them again because you’re probably one of the millions of people around the world addicted to the latest must-have, fashion-accessory handset. Now, thanks to recent legislation you can now get cash for your redundant electronic equipment. Isn’t that nice and a refreshing change?

What Is This Legislation?

WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) legislation was introduced into the framework of environmental legislation to reduce the amount of electronic equipment ending up in landfill sites. As a result of this, there is now an industry that supports the environmentally sustainable disposal and recycling of anything that is powered by electricity and is now obsolete, redundant, or no longer required for any other reason.

Licensed operators duly authorised by the Environment Agency and the Data Commissioner’s Office pay to take your old, redundant phones, computers, games consoles, and more. How good is that, to get paid to get rid of handsets and phones that you’ll never use again?

This system ensures that electronic equipment is disposed of safely; 99.9 percent of ALL electronic equipment has several toxic materials as elements of the manufacturing process. Indeed, without these they would either not operate at all or, at best, very inefficiently. These substances are typically lead, mercury, bromine, and arsenic, to mention just a few. Silver, gold, and other precious metals are used in the manufacturing process, and these can be reclaimed too.

How You Can Benefit and Cash In

Look for an online facility that offers cash of electronic equipment. All you have to do is to complete an online form and hit the calculate button and you’ll get an instant figure of how much your handset is worth. From there, you can make all the arrangements online for it to be picked up by courier from your work or home.

Payment can be made either into your bank directly or you can opt for a cheque. If you’re feeling generous, you can have the money you would receive paid direct to a chosen charity. And it really is that simple.

When you buy your next handset, either as a replacement phone or as a present for someone else, for example, there is no reason why you cannot do the same for them and send off their old handset to be recycled. You can, of course, let them in on your little secret or, if you’re feeling a little naughty keep the money you’ll receive for yourself.

One way or the other, someone will benefit from these excellent recycling schemes. There is no need to hand over your old phone when you get the latest model, because if you do you’ll just be effectively handing over your cash windfall.

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Graham Green is a freelance writer and gadget groupie and has recently been investigating how consumers can sell HTC wildfire S handsets and others to make a little money on redundant technology.

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