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Three Things to Consider When Shooting Products for Brochure Design

By on October 13, 2012 — Updated on September 12, 2014

A photographer has in mind to capture the best photograph as he could, but a graphic designer has in mind to find a photo that would fit to what he is designing.

The best shot a photographer might think is may be not suitable to what the graphic designer need. And, it is may be not what the marketer wanted to be. In this case, it is better for a product photographer to think like a graphic design and marketing specialist when shooting products.

Among others, you can consider these three points when shooting a product for brochure. These are the most common things that are overlooked by product photographers which graphic design design and marketers loves.


1. Space for the Texts and Icons

Before shooting the products for a brochure, you need to visualize where to put the words or icons so that you can leave as space for them. (See example above.)

I am a graphic designer at the same time a tabletop product photographer. Whenever I shoot products may it be in seamless white background or in colored background, I see to it that I put enough space around the product so that I can easily blend the background of the photo on the background of my design, and it would be easy for me to add captions and other element. You could do the same as product photographer. Below is an example.

If you are not sure where to put the space in your composition, coordinate with the graphic designer who will do the brochure and ask about his her plan about the design. Working closer with the graphic designer will make your job easier.

2. The Page Lay-out

Should the photo be placed at the page, at the right or center spread? Should the photo be in landscape or portrait orientation? Should the photo be cropped into square or a slender parallelogram or other irregular shape? Should the photo be a part of the bleed? Will the background of the photo be removed or not? These are only few questions to remember about the lay-out.



If your job is mere photography, you won’t the lay-out and design, you should ask the graphic designer if he or she has specific direction.

3. The Theme and Target Market

Marketers target to get the interest of the market by matching a theme to its lifestyle. As a product photographer, that is what you are going to look at. Know the theme and know the target market. Knowing the lifestyle of the people whom the brochure will be given to can help you shoot the products they will fit into their interest. The selection props, background and setup will become easier if you know the ‘taste’ of your target view.

I love to hear some words from you though comments.

Thank you for reading. Godspeed!

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