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How to Shoot and Edit White Products on White Background

By on February 6, 2013 — Updated on September 14, 2013

The tendency when you shoot white products on white background is that the item will pop out because it will obviously blend with the background.

There are also times when the product is visible but the background is not perfectly white, and when it is place in a design of website with white background, it does not result to seamless white background at all.

Look at the comparison below. The photo at the left has grayish background instead of perfect white, which has FFFFF html value like the photo on the left.


I understand that you also wanted to produce a photo that will have a background which looks like a photo on the right in the comparison above.

Don’t worry because you’re about to learn how to do that; give me first few more second to share more background information.

How to Shoot White Products on White Background

I was also struggling how to produce such photo without using a photo editing software but I think only few in a million can do that with the help of right and intricate lighting set-up. However, thanks to Photoshop that we can easily enhance photos to get the result that we wanted.

Enhancing a photo in Photoshop would be very easy when you have shoot the product in a way that the details are seen.

Set up your studio

On the example given here, I use the DIY shooting booth which I created using polyfoam with 2 model lamps.


An empty cardboard box, wrapped with black plastic bag, is used to shadow the side of the item in order to pop it up from the background. The idea of having this box is to emphasize the edge of the item on the picture.

Edit the photo

After you shooting session, transfer your photos into you computer then touch the photos up using Photoshop.

Apply work path around the item including the holes where the background is visible. Convert the work path into marquee or make a selection then cut the item from the background (Ctrl + J).

Work-Path to Marquee

This means, that you have now two layers, the background and the product.

Open the ‘Levels’ adjustment window by pressing Ctrl+L or open it via menu bar (Image > Adjustment > Levels) then adjust the whiteness of the background into your desired level.


Save your project in both .psd and .jpeg format. Done.

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