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6 Quick and Easy Easter Window Display Ideas and Decoration Tips

By on February 22, 2013 — Updated on February 20, 2016

It’s Easter time again! I was pondering about what ideas I could share with you for your next window display and indoor decorations and I come across these quick and easy-to-do ideas which you can do and use for your display and decorations.

I am sure that you are familiar with common Easter symbols or anything that is associated with the holiday.  However, just let name few of them; Easter wreath, Easter basket, Easter bunny or bunnies, Easter hat and Easter eggs. You can also daffodil, tulips, butterflies, flowers, vines, trees, grasses and other living things that make Spring season alive.

Here the things you can do in relations to those mentioned object above to produce quick and easy-to-do cute stuff for the coming holiday.

Easter Window Display Ideas

1. Coloring Eggs. If you want a quick way to color the eggs, use the dipping, oozing and sprinkling painting techniques. Just put enough coloring or preferably water-based paint in a disposable glass then dip the eggs into the color which you want to apply, let the paint ooze then sprinkle other colors into it.

2.Using Silhouette Cuts. All you need are scissors, the patterns and paper to be cut. It would be advisable if you can produce cutting tools and materials so that you can ask you friends or family to help you. You can use the cut outs as wall decors, garlands, flaglets and other stuff.

3. Decorating with Coloring  Pages. If you are running out of time, you can download free printable coloring pages from the internet then ask some kids to color it for you. After the have finished applying colors on the pages, you can use the silhouette cutting technique and stick the cut outs on your walls.

easter bunnies coloring pages

4. Growing Wheat Grass. It will take 7-14 days to grow a wheat grass which you can use as centerpiece or decorate your Easter basket but it not a difficult task because you will just leave it in corner. No much artistic skill is needed. After using the grass for decoration, you can make a juice out of it.

5. Making an Easter Wreath. You don’t need very expensive materials to create a beautiful Easter wreath; you can just get some twigs from your backyard and form them into a ring then add embellishments that are available in your box – from the materials which you used last year.

6. Creating Tulips Origami. Decorate your basket with crepe paper and old ribbons from the gifts you have received last Christmas then add a lot of tulips origami in to it. Tulip origami is easy to create which even children can do. A store window filled with tulip paper crafts also looks beautiful.

Thanks for reading Godspeed!

Photo credit: Window to the Easter in Munich, a photo by luxiaoning75 on Flickr.

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