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How Product Display Affects Consumer’s Actual Purchase

By on May 11, 2013 — Updated on September 4, 2013

George E. Belch and Michael A. Belch (2001) says that one of the techniques that marketers strive to develop and maintain brand loyalty among consumers is the prominent shelf positions and displays in stores.

This is the reason why product display skills have become a necessity for a business to make good sales. Goods that are well displayed and located in near the front of the store encourage consumer to purchase then even if the items are not on the consumer’s shopping list.

This is also the reason why retailers nowadays are seeking experts advice on how to display their goods, and developed planograms which identifies the location of the merchandise to assure that every area in the store is maximized for higher profitability.

Product Display

People buy when they see it, leave when they don’t

The shopper who comes in your store might have set in his mind what he needs to buy and if he cannot find it in your store, he will transfer to the next store.

If you want to highlight certain range of merchandise, make sure that it visible even from far when a person is within the store. This saves the customer a lot of time and agony of finding the item that the shopper wants. Poor visibility can make the customer leave without buying.

Most of the clothes stores have transparent walls. This allows the consumer to view the product from outside. People who do not know which store stocks their favorite clothes can also locate them easily.

Clothes are also hanged for the buyer to have a good view. You cannot put clothes in a box and expect people to buy.

Shoppers are uncomfortable when they are choked

The store should have enough space. This allows the customer to walk without been blocked inside your self-service store.

Another customer can also pass freely without have to push a person out of the way when you put enough distance between your gondolas or block displays.
Consider the size of the trolley, shopping baskets and shipping bags that your shoppers carry when setting up your floor plan.

People buy more when items are grouped

You might not that a man who buys jeans also needs a new belt until he picked the belt up when he saw it being display beside the jeans.

Not just complementary items but also similar items that are placed on the same shelf or near each other encourages shopper to buy more. For example, bath soaps are placed together on one shelf and next to it are shampoos, and next hair get, deodorant, toothpastes and so on. This makes the buyer choosing process with ease.

Shoppers get frustrated when products are out of stocks

Imagine what would you feel when you’re very excited to watch the Wolverine 3 but when you arrived at the counter to buy a ticket, old seats are sold out. Most likely you’ll be frustrated, don’t you?

Similar feeling your customers would have when they are excited to buy an iPhone 6, I mean iPhone 5, yet it is out of stocks.

Demand of a commodity also influences display. Quick moving products are placed where they can be located easily. For example, clothes and shoes that are on fashion are placed at the window while others are placed further inside.

Consumers’ purchasing behavior is also influenced by the store atmosphere, Levy and Weitz (1995). So we look forward that the atmosphere of your store and the way your merchandise are being displayed could turn your undecided shoppers to on the spot buyers.

Featured image: By JRLibby (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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