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The VC-Compass, Tool to Achieving Effective Visual Communication

By on June 14, 2013 — Updated on March 6, 2016

According to the World Health Organization, there the 39 million blinds out of the 7.091 billion of people in the world as of 2012. This is equivalent to about 1 out of 200 people. This means that there are about 199 out of 200 people have 83% of information acquired from visual.

This is the reason why visual communication is a very important part of human beings’ everyday life. Visual communication (communication through visual aid) is described as the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon.

My friend once told me that when she had her tour with her husband in China, she found difficulties in communicating with the people in that country because most of them use their local language. She understands few of the country’s language but it couldn’t help her even for their survival.

With her husband, she went to a restaurant for a meal. A waiter welcomed them, directed to a table then talk fluently in his own tongue. My friend and her husband replied nothing because they understood nothing. They were lucky enough to be handed with a menu, with pictures of the food and drinks and caption, which they couldn’t read.

After listening to her story, I asked her, “So, what did you do?” “We just look at the picture and select which food looks delicious,” she answered.

This is only one of the kind of situations which encourage me come up with a tool which can be easily used to teach and learn effective visual communication. Let us call this tool, the VC-compass.


What is VC-compass?

The VC-compass is a tool to achieving effective visual communication. It is composed of the VC- Funnel, the VC-Square, and the VC-Triangle that are arranged in vertical position and looks like a magnetic needle of a compass—the VC-Triangle points to the north, the VC-Funnel points to the south, and the VC-Square is the center.

Basically, a compass is a navigational instrument that helps you reach your destination especially when you are in a place that is not familiar to you and places where your eyes have no access to the skies and familiar landmarks. Compass is very useful when it is your first times to take certain route.

But it is not only first timer who uses compass. Even well experience navigators—pilots, ship captains, soldiers and trekkers—do need this instrument even in modern time.

The VC-compass is also works in the same way—it serves as navigational instrument to achieving your goal of becoming effective in visual communication. Just like the real compass, VC-compass is very important for the first timers, which we refer to as the beginners when it comes to the field of visual communication.

VC stands visual communication but it could also means very creative.

Who can use this tool?

  • A visual merchandiser who working hard to make and attractive display to capture the attention of the busy shoppers.
  • A teacher who wants to make sure that her students have learned from what is being taught by using effective visual aid.
  • A graphic designer who converts a message into a two-dimensional materials to grab the attention of the target market.
  • A photographer desires to produce a photo that shouts a message that even an average Joe can understand.
  • A blogger who tries to share his ideas through internet to the impatient information searchers of the web.
  • A person who is not good in oral communication and do not like a noisy environment.
  • Everyone who is not visually impaired.

Don’t worry, this is free.

Next part of this series is the VC-funnel.

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