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How to Optimize Your Shop Window for Audience in Digital Age

By on September 25, 2013 — Updated on September 22, 2013

Store or boutique window display is an art and science that every visual merchandiser as well as  store owner must master. The first impression every customer gets about your store will be entirely based on your window display.

This particular skill not only impresses your customers to increase walk-ins, but it also elevates the standard and reputation of your business. We have mention this several times on this blog.

The setting of market a decade ago is different from what it is today—we are now surrounded with digital stuff.

If you own a store and looking for some really inspiring and functional store window display ideas and how to leverage your window in the digital generation, here are few interesting ideas.

Louis Vuitton Window Display 2013

Multiple Mannequins for Apparel Stores

If you are running an apparel store, how about giving your clients a unique and a really exceptional idea of how the dresses will look on them?

Instead of using just one mannequin to display a dress design, go for multiple ones. Using the same outfit of mannequin in your shop window and mannequin inside your store is also advisable.

Use a fair one, blonde mannequin, dusky, short, plus size doll etc. and lure clients with diversity in their appearance.

Mannequins give a snapshot for busy shoppers of how the whole dress looks like when it is worn.

Teaser Style to Increase the Curiosity Quotient

If you think your shop has something really exclusive then cover your entire store window and just revel a notable fragment of the display.

Make sure the product revealed is just half there so that it kindles the curiosity of people. You can even use posters to execute this idea.

Recognition and Awards for that Credibility Factor

This may be an ancient idea but this does work. Display of recognition and awards that you have achieved till date increases your reputation multiple folds. This way, more walk-ins can be expected.

Information is mushrooming nowadays and consumers are getting careful on their choices and whose promise they should believe. Your award and recognition can lessen their doubt about the credibility of your business.

Interactive Window Display

How about installing a flash display with interactive window?

This is a techno-smart idea that is being used prevalently in many outlets nowadays. It may cost your more but your profit is going to make you grin wider.

If you cannot afford to set up an interactive display, multimedia presentation using a wide screen TV for a change.

You must try this trick in your store window display. It is a functional idea!

Try out the Celebrity Dummies

Go for celebrity dummies in the store windows. This will surely work out if you display them smartly.

Use really unique celebrity dummies which should not be restricted to just film stars.

Won’t you stop in front of a store window if the  mannequin looks like President Obama? If you cannot find celebrity dummies, try using the hyper realistic ones.

A Picturesque or Camera Friendly Space

There are few stores with beautiful and absolutely stunning walk-in store displays where people would just love to click pictures and share them on social media.

This idea not just increases sales but it’s a great way to promote your brand. For instance, if a customer dreams of buying a Harley Davidson Bike, but not really in a position to afford one, the experience of touching, clicking with it and showing it off takes him closer to the brand.

Stores in London are effective on this technique. If you are going to search ideas for a beautiful window display in the internet, most photos of the display you can find are those from London.

 Mistakes to Note

While getting inspirations for exclusive store window display ideas, do not imitate some already popular ones as it is. This sets a bad repute about your business on the whole. Here some costly mistakes you must avoid:

  •  Do not over-stuff the display with more products
  • Try not to reveal prices unless it is some exclusive discount offer
  • Maintain the display neat and extremely clean
  • Avoid granting display access to your walk-in customers
  • Never mix up two extremely incompatible products like healthcare product and a junk food (in case of a food store) in your display.

Keep your store window really crisp, neat, well organized and really luring. Following the best store window display ideas will surely increase your sales multiple folds.

Photo: Bond Street at night by dw*con Flickr.

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