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The Brunei Malay Wedding, a Coffee Table Book by Anyati Abdullah Orcullo

By on March 8, 2014 — Updated on March 19, 2014

Few years ago, I published on this site a photo of wedding gown shop window display in Brunei without knowing the owner of the shop. Now, I know her through her newly launched book about a very unique wedding tradition of Brunei.

If you’re planning to get married or looking for a photographer to capture the memories of your wedding ceremonies or you need a make-up artist for your most awaited celebration, or you just simply want to know what a Brunei Malay wedding is done, this book is definitely for you.

Of you course, you need to buy a copy before it could be yours. ^_^ The price is BN$78.00 — a very reasonable price for a high quality 300 plus pages coffee table book that is beautiful and informative.

What this book is all about?

It is a collection of Brunei Malay Wedding Dresses, Baju Kurung and Baju Kebaya, and fashionably rich in traditional heritage yet designed to remain classic in a society where cultural values require modesty.

From it, you can take a closer look at the brides and grooms bedecked with priceless jewels and be amazed at how they exquisitely look in hand-woven Tenunan, mixed with other materials, embellished with a fusion of embroidery and bead works.

It will delight you how wedding in Brunei is celebrated, and you can gain insights on the country’s values and its people as the author shares her unique personal wedding encounters in a family whose lifestyle co-exists with rich tradition, mores and Islamic values.

Featured in this book are gowns and dresses designed by Anyati only for the family and friends.

Who is Anyati Abdullah Orcullo?

Hmmm! I shouldn’t have written that question because obviously, she the author and the publisher of the book. ^_^

But aside from being the author of the book, she is a Filipino-Bruneian fashion designer and an entrepreneur who likes to dabble into many things new to her. Married to a Bruneian whose vast family instantly became her own, she has moved into a lifestyle of constant ceremonies and celebrations.

Her active involvement in the family affairs such as weddings, birthdays, thanksgiving, family reunion, etc. has opened her many windows of opportunity to develop her talents and creativity, craftmanship and hobbies.

She opens her home to family and friends and welcomes them with her own brand of Filipino- Bruneain hospitality, as she loves to bake, cook, and entertain.

Image by Uniokeez.

Why you should get a copy of this book?

So that you won’t borrow my copy, and the author will have sales. Haha! Just kidding.

Serious. Behind the beautiful images that illustrate the stories inside the book, it has essential if not complete details of the Brunei Malay wedding.

Did you know that there are actually 11, that’s eleven, different Malay wedding ceremonies? That number is a lot for a single wedding. However, some of the ceremonies can be joined in one occasion. You can read the details with matching photos of each of those ceremonies in book.

Another thing I learned from the book is that the bride in a Brunei Malay wedding has 12 different to wear during particular occasion. What are that occasion and what are those accessories is up to you to know.

There are many thing you can learn and enjoy from the Brunei Malay Wedding coffee table book and I cannot explain everything on this post.

And the ultimate reason why you need to buy a copy of this book is because IT IS THE FIRST AND ONLY BOOK OF ITS KIND. Be a part of the history.



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