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4 Tips to Boost Your Graphic Design Career

By on September 2, 2014 — Updated on September 12, 2014

Guest post by Trisha Mukerjee

How well can you display your ideas on the graphic medium – that is the art. There is always a difference between one graphic designer to another, but what makes the best graphic designer who knows what they are doing.

Mr. Disney created Mickey Mouse with nothing but his pencil, his each and every move was documented in a different sheet – so that we could see some sort of movement in his cartoon; and today, with all the technology the work has definitely become simpler but not easier.

Being a graphic designer means extreme devotion to the creative arts and dedication to learn. With the continuous evolution of technology you cannot afford go stale.

 Tip 1: Understanding Software


Most of us while choosing software for graphic designing opt for Photoshop or Illustrator, and we assume that they are interchangeable. This in reality is far from truth.

Photoshop and Illustrator are two very different software’s, used for completely different purposes of graphic designing. The concept of Vector and Raster needs to be clear before you even start designing.


The basic rule for using either RGB or CMYK is:

  • RGB is for website designing
  • CMYK is for printing purposes.

When you are asked to choose which mode, select it carefully depending on your requirement.

Tip 2: Skills of the Designer

The skills of a designer are based on these three facts.

Visual Arts:The images you create, the depiction of your idea that finally comes on screen is what would define your creativity. The more visually attractive your design would be the more interest it would garner.

Typography: Moving beyond the use of images – Use text. Words, Letters, alphabets are all tools for you to make your design extremely engaging.

Page Layout: What kind of page layout you need, know the difference between the different sizes based on your requirement. Are you designing a banner or a postcard? Every layout has a different size.

Tip 3: Element and Aspects of Design

These three are the most important aspect of a design.

Color: When you choose the color combination, remember that ever single color has a theory and a concept behind it. While editing you need to know the different attributes of the color – shade, tone, hue and tint. Other than that, you also have the concept of complementary colors. Read about that before you select your color scheme.

Space: Love the white space, emptiness doesn’t always mean barren or boring. Your creativity would flourish more if there is space for it to breathe. Between objects, between text – keep space to get it to shine

Message:  Every design has a message, no design can be random. Even when you feel that a painting has a random scatter of colors, it stilldepicts something – feelings, emotions, etc. Your message that you want your audience to see, needs to be loud and clear.

Tip 4: Attributes of Design

Creativity: How creative can you get?Just because you need to be creative doesn’t mean you overcrowd your page, your message should always reach the audience and not make someone feel, what they are looking at?

Balance: Your graphic has to have a balance. You design needs to have equilibrium.

There are two types of balance

  •  Symmetrical Balance: when the page is equally divided into parts and your elements are placed in proper proportion in each side.
  • Asymmetrical Balance: Remember sometimes there is more creativity in the imbalance. The image seems more dynamic and creative.

Harmony: All your elements should be happy with each other if not then there would be clashes and your image would not be upto the mark.

 Movement:All your lines and movement should guide the viewer’s eye to your message/object.

Hierarchy:  There is always an order through which you would guide your viewer’s eye. Make sure you arrange your elements appropriately.

You have multiple graphic designing course available both online and in universities and colleges. Jobs are flowing in for graphic designers; every company needs someone to design their logos, web pages etc. You could work both as a freelancer and a full time employee.

Just remember this is a cut throat industry, never stop yourself from being creative and shocking – because shocking always gets the views and never stop designing; practice is what would make you perfect.

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Trisha is a professional writer and adviser on education. She is an ardent reader, a traveler and a passionate photographer. She wants to explore the world and write about whatever comes across her way.


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